Funding opportunities

The Society awards a variety of grants to support the careers of physiologists in the UK and abroad, in line with our grant making policy. These range from funding to support a visiting speaker, to cover travel costs to a scientific meeting or to organise an event to promote physiology as a discipline to the general public.


Individual support

Travel grants - to present work at a meeting, attend a workshop or visit a lab

Research grants - to support physiologists in their first permanent academic position or returning to a permanent position after a career break

Summer studentships - for undergraduates to experience research in physiology

Member-School Partnership grants - to support ongoing activity that promotes physiology in a school, college or youth organisation

Public engagement grants - to support running a large public activity/event discussing physiology (including non-members)

David Jordan Teaching Awards - to support individuals that focus predominantly on higher education teaching, for educational research or resource development

Paton Prize Bursary - to support travel and research expenses for studying the history of physiology

Paton Prize Research Award- to support archival study about The Society, as well as scientists who shaped major ideas and concepts in modern physiology 

Seminar and meeting support

Departmental seminar scheme - to attract speakers to seminars

Focused symposium - to hold a one-day focused meeting with the support of The Society's events team