The Physiological Society’s policy work aims to identify and act upon issues that are of importance to our Members and to physiology as a discipline. We engage with a number of stakeholders, both within and outside of Government, and policy makers to promote physiology in science and education policy. We have developed a stakeholder map and index to help illustrate some of the groups that we work with, and to provide a portal for our members discover more on policy areas that might be of interest.

Nurse review of Research Councils

The Government has announced that Sir Paul Nurse will be conducting a review of the Research Councils. The questions Sir Paul has been asked to consider include the balance of funding between the Research Councils and whether measures are in place for research that crosses disciplinary borders. The full terms of reference for the review can be viewed here. Details of the review have yet to be announced, but The Society would welcome Member's views in relation to the questions set out in the terms of reference, for further information please contact policy@physoc.org.

UK knowledge landscape

The Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology (www.gov.uk/cst) has launched a project to better understand the UK Science Landscape. The aim of this project is to build a picture of the whole research landscape in the UK and to develop an evidence base to help inform future strategic decision-making.

The online “landscape” tool seeks to find out more about how disciplines interact with each other; understand collaborations between researchers both nationally and internationally; how research is funded; and the identification of key infrastructure. We would strongly encourage all those active in physiological research to take part in this project. To do so please access the online landscape tool here