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Payment Methods

We do not accept payment by cheque. Payment for membership applications and renewals can be made by credit or debit card, or Direct Debit (UK account holders only).

If you would like to pay by Direct Debit, please download, print, complete and return (by post with your orginal signature) a Direct Debit Mandate form.  Electronic scanned or faxed mandates will not be accepted by your bank. With a Direct Debit arrangement, Membership Services will send you an annual notice of payment due and this would be with you at least 10 working days ahead of your bank account being debited.

Retired Membership

We offer free membership to Members who have fully retired from work, and therefore are deriving no income from paid work.

Special Circumstances

Membership can be deferred for up to one year under special circumstances, e.g. taking a career break, maternity leave or unemployment. Please contact Membership Services for further information.

Tax Relief

If you pay your own Society membership subscription and are a UK taxpayer, you can claim the tax back on your annual tax self-assessment under section 201 of the Income and Corporation Taxes Act (1998). This is also applicable to basic rate taxpayers, please visit the HMRC website to do this. Further details can be found online.

Developing Countries

If you are working in a developing country and find the cost of membership prohibitively high, please contact us for assistance.