Research grants

Our research grants support physiologists in their first permanent academic position or if they are returning to a permanent position after a career break.

Who can apply?

Physiologists less than three years into their first permanent academic position or returning to a permanent position after a career break

How much funding is available?

Up to £10,000 for a 12 to 18-month period

The grants provide support for research or seed-funding to start a new project

How do I apply?

Applications for the 2019 Research Grant Scheme are now closed. Please keep an eye on the website for announcements of future funding rounds and have a look at the terms and conditions.

Get inspired!

Have a look at the 2018 grant holders list to see the projects we funded last year.

This grant kicked off a high risk project and we're still reaping rewards. It made a big difference to our lab.

Dr Sarah Flatters, King's College London

This is a fantastic award! I received this in 2013 and it enabled papers and data for larger grants.

Dr Adam Sharples, Keele University

  1. Research Grants are available to physiologists
    • Returning to a permanent position after a career break OR
    • Who are less than three years into their first permanent academic position (at an institution in the UK or Republic of Ireland) at the grant start time. The three years does not include any period of parental leave taken.
  2. Applicants must hold a PhD and be in-post before the start of the award.
  3. Current fellowship holders are not eligible. This does not apply to those on University-funded, tenured fellowships.
  4. Applicants can either be a full Member or Affiliate member of The Society, or have previously presented a talk or a poster at a Society meeting. Applications from non-members need to be sponsored by a full Member of The Society.
  5. Applications should be physiological in nature and should not overlap with existing funding.
  6. Each application will be considered by at least 2 peer reviewers identified by The Society. Please go through the marking criteria for the Research Grants Scheme review process.
  7. The applicant’s host institution must be willing to administer the award, and a maximum of two awards will be made to each host institute in any one funding round.
  8. Funds can be used to conduct pilot studies, develop a new technique or finalise a project. Animal costs, experimental consumables, and small equipment purchases (excluding PCs) are permitted. Consumables for projects undertaken by PhD, MRes or summer students are allowable.
  9. Funding cannot be used to support salary costs or to attend conferences.
  10. Successful applicants are expected to take up their funding in September 2019
  11. Successful applicants will be asked to submit an end of grant report and a financial audit of spending no later than three months after the end of the grant. If such a report is not submitted the holder will be deemed ineligible for any other funding from The Physiological Society. Any funds not used at the end of the grant period must be returned to The Society.
  12. The Physiological Society is committed to the principles of diversity, equality and inclusion, and thereby welcomes applications from individuals of all backgrounds.

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