Grant for carers

We care because you do.

Apply for a grant for carers

Who can apply?

Any Member attending a Society-run meeting or workshop

We are aware that many of our Members have caring responsibilities or need care. We have funds allocated to help you with care costs to facilitate your attendance at meetings.

How much funding is available?

Up to £250 towards cost of delegate’s care arrangement

How do I apply?

Apply for a grant for carers

  1. Open to any member attending a Society-run meeting or workshop only, with preference given to those presenting work.
  2. A carer might be anyone who cares, unpaid, for a dependent friend or family member who due to age, illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without their support.
  3. Funding can be used to cover the cost of care either at the conference location or in the applicant’s home location.
  4. Applications should be made at least one month before the meeting is due to take place (retrospective applications will not be considered).
  5. The total amount of money available to the Carers’ Fund is limited and applications may therefore need to be considered on a competitive basis.
  6. The Society realises that, at the time of application, delegates may not be able to state with certainty the alternative care arrangements they will make. Thus, the application form asks only for an indication of intended plans and likely costs.
  7. Applications will be considered by The Society’s appointed Diversity Champions.
  8. The Society may offer an amount less than that applied for.
  9. Funds will not normally be awarded more than once to one person in a calendar year.
  10. No correspondence will be entered into except under exceptional circumstances.
  11. If you are informed that your application has been successful, you will be required to complete a short report form and return it along with an expenses claim outlining how the funds have been spent and any benefit obtained from attendance.
  12. The grant will normally be paid after you have attended the event and the report has been received. If you feel that you cannot attend without receiving payment beforehand, please contact The Society.

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