Mental health and wellbeing

We are keen to support your mental wellbeing and that of the wider scientific community.

Email us to request access

Who is eligible?

Available to all Members

Through this initiative we also hope to raise the awareness of mental illnesses and encourage supportive and inclusive behaviour towards everyone.

What are the benefits?

  • Online training courses (using videos and e-learning platforms) to help you identify potential signs of stress and mental ill-health in yourself and others
  • Guidance on providing a supportive environment for the management of stress

How do I apply?

  • To gain access to a particular resource please email Chrissy Stokes (Head of Professional Development and Engagement)
  • Read detailed course information (PDF files) by clicking on course titles

Online training courses in personal wellbeing and mental health

Do share this page with others who you think might benefit from the courses.

NameCourse TypeDetails
Under Pressure – successfully coping with stress60 min e-learning courseDevised by leading stress expert Professor Cary Cooper CBE, this course looks at some of the key triggers for stress and examines what we can do to support psychological wellbeing in the workplace.
Stress Less12 min online videoThis short video looks at some of the common triggers for stress and provides some simple yet effective tools for safeguarding our mental health, particularly in the work environment.
Managing Stress (for employers)15 min online videoThis bite-size video shows how being able to manage stress effectively is key to supporting the wellbeing of both your staff and your business
Mental Health in the Workplace – overview25 min e-learning courseThis course looks at the impact of poor mental health at work and explains why ensuring staff mental well-being should be a top priority for organisations across all sectors.
Mental Health in the Workplace – Good Practice25 min e-learning courseThis e-learning course sets out good practice for employers in managing employees’ mental well-being.

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