Bayliss-Starling Prize Lecture

This is an annually awarded lecture made possible by a generous donation from the Bayliss and Starling Society. It is given to early career as well as established physiologists in alternate years. Adding to its prestige is also an opportunity to be published in The Journal of Physiology, subject to the agreement of the Editorial Board.

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Who can be nominated?

  • Early career and established physiologists are eligible
  • You can nominate another person but not yourself

What is the award?

  • £500
  • Lecture is delivered at a Society meeting
  • Publication in The Journal of Physiology, subject to Editorial Board agreement

How can I nominate?

Click on Nominate Now and select Bayliss-Starling Prize Lecture

Get inspired!

A full list of all awardees is also available.

Sir William Maddock Bayliss (1860–1924) and Ernest Starling (1866 –1927) were English physiologists and Fellows of the Royal Society who worked together on research at University College London. Together they discovered the first hormone ever identified – Secretin. This breakthrough opened up new fields of medical and scientific research and discovery.

The Physiological Society created the Bayliss Starling Prize Lecture as a joint memorial in 1960 and in 1979, the Bayliss and Starling Society was established, focusing on central and autonomic peptide functions. (It merged with the Physiological Society in 2014)

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