GL Brown Prize Lecture

The GL Brown Prize Lecture series is aimed at an early career audience to stimulate an interest in physiology. The Society announces the awardee, following which, departments can invite the GL Brown Lecturer to their institutions to showcase his or her research.

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Who can be nominated?

  • All physiologists of all levels are eligible
  • You can nominate another person but not yourself

What is the award?

  • £1000 (£750 prize, £250 honorarium)
  • Invitations to speak to early career audiences in various departments across the country
  • Publication in Experimental Physiology, subject to Editorial Board agreement

How can I nominate?

Click on Nominate Now and select GL Brown Prize Lecture

Get inspired!

It was a delightful surprise and and a huge honour to be the recipient of The Physiological Society GL Brown Prize Lecture Series for 2019. I very much look forward to interactions with many members of The Society during the delivery of the lectures over the next few months.

Pamela Shaw, University of Sheffield, UK, 2018/19 Awardee

My lecture series on stereo vision has taken me around the UK, including London, Cardiff, Sheffield, Edinburgh and Oxford. It’s a nice touch that GL Brown’s career took him around the country too, including Cambridge, Manchester, Mill Hill and central London, before he became Waynflete Professor in my own department in Oxford. The other pleasurable coincidence of giving lectures on stereo vision this year is that there is a 50th anniversary since fundamental discoveries were made about how the brain combines the information from the two eyes to provide us with a sense of depth.

Andrew J. Parker, Oxford University, UK, 2017/18 Awardee

Andrew Parker delivering the GL Brown Lecture at the University of Oxford

Receiving the GL Brown award and the opportunity to speak at 6 UK universities was a great honour. It was really fantastic to be able to talk to so many early career researchers and hopefully inspire them. The success of the lecture series was underpinned by the hard work and hospitality of the Society Reps at each venue - a big thank you to them!

Rachel Tribe, King's College London, UK, 2016/17 Awardee

Sir George Lindor Brown, (1903 –1971) was an English Physiologist and Fellow of the Royal Society. He served on various committees for the Royal Society. He was knighted in 1957. In 1960, Brown took the the post of Waynflete Chair of Physiology at the University of Oxford and was elected Principal of Hertford College Oxford in 1967.

In 1975 The Physiological Society instituted a series of lectures in his memory.

A full list of all awardees is also available.

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