Paton Prize Lecture

The Paton Prize Lecture aims to promote interest in the history of scientific experiments and ideas. It is given on an historical aspect of physiology.

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Who can be nominated?

  • Physiologists of all levels are eligible
  • You can nominate another person but not yourself

What is the award?

  • Lecture delivered at The Society’s Annual Conference
  • Publication in Experimental Physiology, subject to Editorial Board agreement

How can I nominate?

Click on Nominate Now and select Paton Prize Lecture

Get inspired!

Sir William Paton (1917-1993)

The fund originated with a donation from Professor Sir William Paton with a matching contribution from the Society.

He was an English physiologist, pharmacologist and Fellow of the Royal Society, considered by many to be one of the world’s greatest pharmacologists. He was responsible for discovering two new classes of drugs, one of which was the first drug that specifically and safely lowered blood pressure.

Paton not only made countless discoveries but was also heavily involved in numerous public committees and had a special interest in the history of medicine.

A list of previous Paton Prize awardees is available. In addition to the prize lecture, we also award the Paton Prize Bursary.

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