R Jean Banister Prize Lecture

The R Jean Banister Prize Lecture is awarded to early career physiologists and is delivered in three or four locations across the UK and Ireland. The Society announces the awardee, following which, departments can invite them to their institutions to showcase his or her research.

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Who can be nominated?

  • Early career physiologists in the late stages of a PhD, Post-Doc or who are in an early faculty position (non-professorial) are eligible
  • You can nominate another person but not yourself

What is the award?

  • £500 Lecture on any physiological topic
  • Opportunity to present lectures to audiences in multiple locations
  • Publication in Experimental Physiology, subject to the Editorial Board agreement

How can I nominate?

Click on Nominate Now and select R Jean Banister Prize Lecture

Get inspired!

Previous awardees

2018 – Bethan Phillips

Physiological adaptations to traditional and novel exercise interventions as a function of age

2017 – Nathalie Rochefort

Decoding the visual cortex

2016 – Alicia D’Souza

Getting excited about pacemaking in the athletic heart: interplay of transcription factors and microRNAs in pacemaker electrophysiology.

R Jean Banister (1917-2013)

R Jean Banister was a physiologist and Tutorial Fellow at Somerville College, Oxford.

She first went to the Royal Academy of Music but later switched to medical science. She focused on the vascular system in the lungs. She directed an active laboratory and advocated hands-on teaching.

She was also a tireless protagonist of women’s education. On retirement she went to lecture in Saudi Arabia to inspire women medical students in a part of the world where the education of women in medicine needed such support.

A full list of all awardees is also available.

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