Michael J Rennie Oral Communications Prize

The Universities of Dundee and Nottingham jointly fund this award for the best oral communication by an Early Career Researcher.

Who can apply?

Affiliate and Undergraduate Members

What is the award?

  • £200 prize
  • Ceramic medal
  • Certificate

When can I apply?

  • At a Topic Meeting
  • For 2019: Extreme Environmental Physiology: Life at the Limits, Portsmouth, UK

How do I apply?

Email meetings@physoc.org to express your interest

Michael J Rennie contributed immensely to the development of the field of muscle physiology. His lifelong research interest was in amino acid metabolism in skeletal muscle in health, exercise, ageing and disease.

Following his death in 2017, the Universities of Dundee and Nottingham agreed to fund the award for 10 years.

  • Nathan Hodson, University of Birmingham, UK
  • Peggy Sfyri, Hull York Medical School, UK

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