We are delighted to bring back our annual physiology baking competition for its sixth year!

If you are able to use sugar craft to show cell division, or shortcrust pastry to demonstrate muscle function, savoury or sweet, we want to see it.

How do I enter?

Please submit a photo of your baked good representing physiology, along with an explanation of how it shows how the body works and the hashtag #BioBakes. You can submit your entry via Twitter (@ThePhySoc), Instagram (@thephysoc) or on the webform below.

What should I make?

No limits!
Use your creativity and originality and depict anything as long a it is physiology related.
Winners are selected via a public vote.

When is it?

Entries will open in July and close on 4 October 2019.
The public vote will take place between 10 and 11 October 2019 (Physiology Friday!).

Human heart

Represents the structure of the human heart

The wondrous anatomy of the eye

Shows the inside and outside of the eye

Guillain-Barré Syndrome awareness cake

Shows what happens when your body stops working and what you can do to reverse this process

The intestinal epithelium

Shows the epithelium and the microbiota, as well as the lacteal and blood vessels in the lamina propria

Time of the month

Female reproductive system when on a period


3D Model showing the anatomical structure of the hand


  1. Each entry must solely be the work of the entrant/s whose name and email is on the submission form. Multiple entries are allowed, however, only one prize per person/group will be awarded.
  2. All submissions must have the Bio-Bakes 2019 print-out in the submitted photograph.
  3. Photos must be submitted in the JPEG format. Please save the file with your full name followed by BB19. E.g. FredFlintstoneBB19.
  4. The photo of the finished cake must not contain a watermark or identification of the maker, so that judging can be neutral.
  5. We ask each baker to provide a one line description (100 characters) of how their bake illustrates the body at work.
  6. Entries must be submitted by the stated deadline. The short-list will be chosen by the judges and public voting will commence thereafter. The winners may be notified by email, on Facebook, Instagram or on Twitter.

The judges will shortlist the entries for the public vote. The overall winner will be chosen according to a public vote closing on the day of Physiology Friday.

Is public voting open?

Not yet. Voting opens on the Thursday before Physiology Friday. Voting takes place on this page when it is open.

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