Outreach resources

Take a look at our downloadable activity resources and request Society freebies to give away at your own events.

Downloadable activities

Here are some activities for you to download and use at your own public engagement events. They come with instructions and resources and you don’t need to be an expert to run them.

Race To Sleep

WhatThis board game activity helps highlight the lifestyle behaviours required to have a good night’ s sleep and maintain healthy well-being.
WhoAimed at any age group
HowDownload Race to Sleep Activity

The Circadian Body Clock

WhatThis interactive activity shows what a circadian rhythm is and how it influences our behaviours and physiology including sleep across the day-night cycle.
WhoAimed at any age group
HowDownload Circadian Body Clock Activity

Cootie Catcher

WhatUse this fun little fortune teller to learn interesting facts about the Cheetah
WhoIdeal for young audiences / children
HowDownload Cootie Catcher

Brain Hat

WhatAssemble a colourful wearable hat that shows different parts of the brain!
WhoIdeal for Ages 8–13
HowDownload Brain Hat

Eat Poo Sleep

WhatThis activity is designed to measure your reaction time in catching a dropped ruler.
WhoAny age group
HowDownload Eat Poo Sleep Activity


Society merchandise for outreach

We have a range of free merchandise available for Members that are organising outreach activities. These can also be used as giveaways for your participants. Use the form below to give us details about your planned activity and what you will need. Subject to availability, we will send the items out to you! You can order t-Shirts, rulers, sleep eye–masks, pens, notepads, lanyards and the Understanding Life booklet that contains essential physiology career advice.
  • Please provide detailed information on your planned activity and the intended audience. Do highlight if your activity is aimed at 16-25 year olds.
  • See address field for delivery times.
  • Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery within the United Kingdom and 6 weeks for the rest of the world. Deliveries are subject to merchandise availability.
  • Your data will be processed in accordance with our Fair Processing Notice.

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