Derek Scott

Senior Lecturer, University of Aberdeen

I am a teaching-focused Senior Lecturer in Integrative Physiology & Pharmacology at the University of Aberdeen.
My background is in epithelial and membrane transport physiology, but I was recruited early in my career to enhance various aspects of biomedical teaching at Aberdeen. I was encouraged to follow a teaching-focused career at my institution, as they viewed physiology education as being just as important as research. They also supported me in trying to disseminate what I was doing through the Physiological Society. I was lucky enough to have excellent mentors in teaching such as Prof Mary Cotter (inaugural winner of the Otto Hutter Prize) and Prof Gordon McEwan. I wanted to become a Theme Lead because I wanted to help colleagues share the excellent things they are doing to improve physiology teaching, help them in their career progression, and demonstrate how the Society’s members are improving the standard of physiological education globally.

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