The Undergraduate Prize for Physiology

Recognises the excellence of final year undergraduate students of physiology.

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What are the rules?

  • Undergraduate students can’t nominate themselves or apply for this prize
  • Only Society Representatives can submit a nomination
  • Society Reps can only nominate final year undergraduate students

What do award recipients receive?

When is the award given?

Nominations are considered on a monthly basis

How can I be considered?

  • You must be nominated by the Society Rep In Your Institution
  • Reach out to them if you think you should be nominated
  • If you are a Society Rep, click on the Nominate a student button and select ‘Undergraduate Prize’
  • Students and Reps should both read the Terms and Conditions below

Get inspired!


A very big thanks to The Society for their steadfastness in recognising, appreciating and promoting the interest in physiology worldwide. I'm very glad to be a beneficiary of this award and I'm so grateful to The Society for their keen interest in promoting and protecting the interest of physiologists.

Kasope Lucy Wolffs - previous Undergraduate Prize For Physiology winner

  1. Nominations can be made by Society Representatives either for excellence specifically in a final year project, or for overall excellence in a degree.
  2. Society Representative should liaise with colleagues to nominate a final year student for the prize
  3. Only degree courses and projects with a strong physiological element will be considered eligible for the Prize.
  4. To be eligible to receive an award, students must have completed at least two years’ full time study in a higher education institute or equivalent. Students must be completing a degree in physiology or a related subject.
  5. If the student is being nominated for their research project, this must be of good quality and of a physiological nature. Evidence and/or confirmation of marks gained may be requested.
  6. Please note that only one award will be made per university per year.
  7. Applications will be reviewed monthly, e.g. all applications received in May will be reviewed in early June.

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