Satellite symposia

The Annual Conference is our flagship event and we want to continue to develop this so that it is more international in scope, provides a platform for dissemination of high quality research and appeals to the broadest physiology community. In addition, one of our key strategic objectives is to increase involvement of subdisciplines of physiology that are not well represented at our meetings.

With this in mind, we are hosting a number of stimulating satellite symposia to complement Physiology 2019 on Sunday, 7 July.  

Cellular mechanisms of anti-cancer induced cardiotoxicity
Organiser: Susan Currie, University of Strathclyde, UK
Co-organiser: Margaret Cunningham, University of Strathclyde, UK
Fatigue as a limitation to performance
Organiser: Derek Ball, University of Aberdeen, UK
Co-organiser: Ron Maughan, University of St Andrews, UK
Physiology of obesity and diabetes 
Organiser: Lora Heisler, University of Aberdeen, UK
Co-organisers: Peter Aldiss, University of Nottingham, UK 
Daniel Brayson, King’s College London
Jo Lewis, University of Cambridge, UK
Renal physiology: Recent advances and emerging concepts
Organiser:  Morag K Mansley, The University of Edinburgh, UK
Co-organiser:  Robert W. Hunter, The University of Edinburgh, UK