Our Annual Conference is The Society’s flagship event and we want to continue to develop this so that it is more international in scope, provides a platform for dissemination of high quality research and appeals to the broadest physiology community.

These 18 symposia will be complemented by oral communication sessions across all seven Themes to ensure a vibrant and diverse programme.  

Organiser: Deborah Baines, St George's, University of London, UK
Organiser: Barry McDonnell, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK
Co-organiser: John Cockcroft, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK
Organiser: Michael Symonds, The University of Nottingham 
Organiser: Holly Shiels, University of Manchester, UK
Co-organiser: Mark Miller, University of Edinburgh, UK
Organiser: Hugh Piggins, University of Bristol, UK
Organiser: Andreas Beyer, Medical College of Wisconsin, USA
Co-organiser: Petra Kleinbongard, University of Essen, Germany
Organiser: Johanna Lanner, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
Co-organiser: Malcom Jackson, Liverpool University, UK
Organiser: James Garnett, Newcastle University, UK

Organiser: Ursula Seidler, Hannover Medical School, Germany
Co-organiser: Vinciane Saint-Criq, Newcastle University, UK
Organiser: Ruoli Chen, Keele University, UK
Co-organiser: Mark Dallas, University of Reading, UK
Organiser: Derek Scott, University of Aberdeen, UK
Organiser: Nimesh Mody, University of Aberdeen, UK
Co-organiser: Justin Rochford, University of Aberdeen, UK
Organiser: Ewan Smith, University of Cambridge, UK
Co-organiser: David Bulmer, University of Cambridge, UK
Organiser: Lee Romer, Brunel University London, UK
Organiser: Guy Bewick, University of Aberdeen, UK
Organiser: Katharine Dibb, University of Manchester, UK
Co-organiser: Jessica Caldwell, University of Manchester, UK
Organiser: Geraldine Clough, University of Southampton, UK